The Evolution Of The Incredible Hulk In Comics And Cinema Over The Years

We love the Hulk, you worship him and so does the rest of the world. However, we do not all have an encyclopaedic knowledge of the incredible green monster; we could even say that there are many people who only know it from the last four films in which it has appeared.

Evolution Of The Incredible Hulk

But the truth is that this is not the only generation to have seen a version of Marvel Comics’ hero, as in the past there were other versions as well. Different actors have been used to characterize the character, and different artists have been used to make it into paper, giving life to many facets of this character.

That is why we are going to take a moment today to talk a little bit about him, and how he has changed over time. We’ll do just a brief review of their history in the movies and comic books, so you’d better get ready, because it’s time to start!

Evolution Of The Incredible Hulk In The Comic Book

In 1962, Stan Lee and Jack Kirby created a monster, not just any monster, but the most recognized of all in the twentieth century: the Incredible Hulk.

This character’s debut came with The Incredible Hulk #1, when Dr. Bruce Banner saved a teenager in a test area, who was being bombarded with Gamma radiation. This is how the story of an individual who, as in the case of Jekyll and Hyde, would become a monster began; but he would only do it at night and his original color was grey.

That’s right, the Hulk was a gray monster, as Stan Lee wanted it to be devoid of any ethnicity. The green color in the creature came later, due to some errors with the coloring.

hulk evolution comic

Finally, over the course of time, several artists have defined their own version of the character, and it has even been divided into “ages”, which have marked this growth as the decades have gone by.

First we had the silver age, which ranged from 1962 to 1970, and basically consisted of works that let us see artists like Jack Kirby, Steve Ditko, Bob Powell, John Romita Sr., Bill Everett, John Buscema, Gil Kane, as well as some others.

Thanks to them, the monster’s popularity grew and gave way to its bronze age (1970-1985), where people like Gerry Conway, Steve Gerber, Archie Goodwin and Steve Englehart were already getting their hands on its history. They contributed to the profile of the superhero, as they approached better in their psychological aspect.

At this age we were also able to see how John Byrne separated Hulk from Bruce Banner and even got him to marry his beloved Betty.

The modern Era started in 1985 and continues to this day. From those dates, you would see changes in the character, bringing stories like Planet Hulk’s, which as some of you know, tells us what happened to the green man when he left our planet and his journey to become an intergalactic legend.

This was a part of the story that gave rise to World War Hulk, which tells what happened when the character returns to Earth full of anger and thirst for revenge.

Today, they have left us an image that the Hulk is already an almost impossible monster to destroy, to the point where Mark Waid and Leinil Yu, launched a work with the name The Indestructible Hulk. The truth is that we’ve seen too many transformations and even alternate stories (like the one where it’s bad in Old Man Logan), but there’s still a lot to see about it.

Evolution Of The Incredible Hulk on TV and Cinema

The first appearance of our gigantic green monster came with Lou Ferrigno, while Bill Bixby played Dr. David Banner. It was first shown in the form of a two-hour pilot film in 1977, but due to its success, the TV series “The Incredible Hulk” was born.


It should be added that Lou Ferrigno was the only man who ever personified the monster himself on the screen.

The program had five seasons and broadcast a total of 82 episodes. By 1988, NBC bought the rights to the series and released some films, which were titled:”The Incredible Hulk Returns,””The Trial of the Incredible Hulk,” and “The Death of the Incredible Hulk.

A few years later, but finally came a new adaptation to the character’s cinema with “Hulk” (2003), and this was played by Eric Bana, with the help of the magic of the CGI. Although some animated films already existed, this is considered the first film to approach the monster as it is known in comic books.

Five years later, another film arrived that allowed us to see progress both in CGI and in the plot; we are talking about The Incredible Hulk, starring Edward Norton. Here we realized that the character decreased in size and power, but everything else – even the villain – was compensated.

Finally, we have the Hulk that we met after the release of Marvel: The Avengers, a film that is a sample of the best we have in animation. If you look carefully, you’ll notice that this version of the monster looks a lot like Mark Ruffalo, and that’s because it was the first time that an actor’s movements were captured by computer to characterize a CGI character.

If anything, Ruffalo plays an excellent role as Bruce Banner, and the Hulk in this saga has the ideal level of power to represent him. Many people were satisfied with this version.
We may not be able to speak for everyone here, but if we can say something, it is that in our opinion, the Incredible Hulk has changed to be better over the years.

Comic books are showing us more and more aspects of his personality, and the cinema has better and better technology to give us better demonstrations of his destructive power.


Do you have a favorite Hulk? Remember, you can share your opinion anytime you want. Just remember that if it’s not positive, someone could crush them all.

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